Arrivederci Roma

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From the ‘Dystopian Reality’ collection, in the heart of Trastevere, where cobbled streets echo with the whispers of history and vibrant palaces stand as silent sentinels, a tale of love and betrayal unfolds amidst the fluttering laundry and colorful chaos. This artwork captures the essence of Roman life and the tumultuous emotions of Disney’s beloved characters.

Perched upon a weathered balcony draped in ivy, Daisy Duck stands in a whirlwind of emotion, her feathers ruffled and her beak set in a fierce scowl. With a mixture of frustration and indignation, she hurls garments down to Donald Duck below, each piece a symbol of her wounded pride and sense of betrayal.

Donald, oblivious to Daisy’s ire, stands at the doorstep of their Trastevere abode, his expression a mixture of confusion and concern as he fumbles to catch each garment in his outstretched arms. Clad in his sailor attire, he looks up at Daisy with wide eyes, his heart heavy with remorse for whatever transgression has sparked her anger.

Immerse in the captivating charm of this masterpiece, meticulously crafted using the innovative technique of Pupp Art. Here, the artist seamlessly integrates physical characters, such as puppets, into the backdrop, infusing each scene with a sense of enchanting realism. These central characters become the vibrant focal points, pulsating with life and vitality, infusing each composition with a dynamic energy.

The piece comes professionally framed with a glass front, and is ready to adorn your walls. Please note that the glass is not shown in the photographs due to reflections.

Created in 2024, this artwork is signed by the artist, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness. Measuring 15.7″ x 11.8″ (40cm x 30cm), this piece is perfect for any contemporary art collection. Don’t miss your chance to own a one-of-a-kind creation by Aladino.