Aladino is a young artist from Paris, France.
From his early age he felt great attraction for art in all its aspects, so he started painting in the Parisian suburb streets earning a living. He moved to London working at Camdentown and then he kept practicing in Rome, where he actually lives, to seek inspiration for his artworks, being Rome homeland of art and beauty.

He’s carried away by the vibrations of artists like Hokusai, Picasso, Dali or Monet that profoundly leave their mark in his work, but also many others including Alec Monopoly and Carl Lagasse.
He developed a completely new way of painting , giving real life and dynamism to the project thanks to the characters who introduce themselves in the painting.

He merged with a distinctive iconography of highly recognizable images that pass a deep communication and interpretation. With a heterogeneous style he paints, makes sculptures and collage.
In a few time he has sold more than 500 works around the world.

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